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Little India Tour Package

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Singapore

Little India was born as a result of a policy of ethnic segregation maintained by the old English settlers (more info in a bit of history). With its independence, Singapore implemented a new policy of social harmony, which ended with any type of promotion of segregation. Even so, Little India remained faithful to their tradition.

Singapore City

This region is most likely the ethnic district of Singapore which preserves more features of the community that shaped it. Initially had a strong influence of the tamil cultural (in the southwest region of India from where came the first Indian immigrants) and nowadays presents features of some of the various cultures and religions that make up the India. It is not difficult to see women wearing saris and men with clothes that are only seen in the India.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Singapore

On the other hand, we could describe Little India as a India light, where Hindu customs and culture permeated the Organization and cleaning characteristics of Singapore. As India is not an easy for sailors of first travel destination, since it has a dense culture with habits to which we are accustomed.
Little India presents itself as an excellent introduction for which still wondered if travel to the real India featuring the main cultural characteristics that can be seen in Singapore in a way corrected and augmented.
Little India, Singapore

The main street of the neighborhood is Serangoon Road. It has an atmosphere very colorful, full of aromas and with narrow sidewalks that are crowded together stores selling spices, fruits, legumes and vegetables, flowers, fabrics, jewelry, candy, clothes, music, movies, all reminiscent of the great India. The Little India Arcade, a shopping centre established in a historic building, allows you to quickly enjoy what the area has to offer.
Mustafa Centre, Singapore

In Little India the famous Mustafa Centre, a large store that opens 24 hours a day and sells a little is also everything that can be purchased in Little India in addition to what you can expect in a hypermarket, but without losing the taste of India within its narrow corridors with shelves, counters and racks packed products.
Little India, Singapore

There are restaurants and shops selling typical foods from various regions of India. There are even chains of Indian fast food like the vegetarian Komala completo, that it also has stores in other parts of the city. Tekka Centre is a hawker centre is not only Indian, where it is possible to come into contact with people who live or work in the region. Besides the food centre, the Tekka hosts a market of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish and a set of shops selling Indian products (especially clothing).

Na Race Court and its surroundings (Chander Road) there is a wide range of restaurants (tourism, traditional and modern) serving food from different regions of India reaching the Nepal.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Singapore

In the region are several examples of Hindu temples and mosques with various levels of sophistication that help tourists soak is still more than the Indian atmosphere. Beautiful Srinivasa Perumal and Sri Veeramkaliamman temples are two good examples of hindu culture.

Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

If in the past have flourished in the region options of accommodation (Youth Hostel) in the surroundings of Dunlop Street and Dickson Road streets, today the area begins to attract more sophisticated options, with some like the famous Wanderlust Hotel boutique hotels.

Little India gets even more interesting and pretty during the annual celebration of the different festivals in the hindu calendar, as Thaipusam, Pongal and Deepavali (take a look at our calendar of events).

Little India is the ideal place to have a first contact with the culture, food and customs Hindus, especially which has always had interest in knowing the great India and still have some doubts or for those that like that the country offers.

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