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Guie Australia Travel

Australia is a destination that has always been in our minds. So far, so mysterious, so special and so much variety of course you could not choose a better destination for your vacation or honeymoon.

Sydney is the first city that comes to mind when we think of Australia. The Opera House, the Bay, Darling Harbour or the beaches of Manly and Bondi to the city, capital of new South Wales and Australia financial center, give an air of reverie that conquer you no more get.

If you like arts and everything that relates them, Melbourne is your city. With easy access to the Great Ocean Road, where you will enjoy landscapes that will leave you speechless, Melbourne is one of the favorite destinations of Australia.

House in Sydney

Panoramic view of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia.Cairns, along with the forest of the Daintree and the great barrier reef, is a compulsory destination during your trip to Australia. In no other place in the world you'll find two world heritage areas side by side. Deserted beaches, tropical islands and much more await you in the tropical North of Queensland.

Guie Australia Travel

Kakadu National Park is one of the corners of Australia that most impresses by its greatness. If you want to find yourself with an arid and desert area, the abundance of rivers, waterfalls and pools of fresh water will surprise you. Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls are the most well known, but certainly not the only ones.

And what of Ayers Rock and the Red Centre? One of the icons of Australia, Uluru, in Aboriginal language, impresses by its size, to be imposed on the rest of the arid landscape. You already admire it from the base, the Summit or from the air, Uluru will not leave you indifferent. Also here is Kings Canyon, one of the most famous natural areas of Australia.

But Australia is much more: ancient culture Aboriginal, rich gastronomy, people friendly and always willing to help the traveler. Not to mention the breathtaking landscapes, beaches, Islands, mountains and national parks, you will discover there wherever you go.


And Cairns Unlimited is here for you to discover all these wonders, organizing your trip individually, adapting to your tastes and budget. Without groups, traveling at your own pace, either by bus, plane or vehicle rental. And because we live here, we know the market and we specialize in Australia, we know which hotels or youth hostels offer an excellent service and what should be avoided at all costs. We know what tours, cruises or scenic flights, is in the city of Australia, that is, they are worth and what do not offer good relation quality - price.

The inhabitants Cairns

The inhabitants of Cairns are proud to proclaim that their city is the world's safest tropical city. Refers to Cairns as an "entrance city" since it is strategically located with easy access to two world heritage areas: the great barrier reef and the rainforests or Wet Tropics, ranging from almost Townsville to Cooktown. Furthermore, this is the only place on the planet where two areas declared World Heritage coexist side by side. 

At some points the forest, more than 135 million years, reaches sand beach, creating some indescribable landscapes. Just an hour drive from Cairns, last saw of Kuranda, we find ourselves in the fertile and lush Atherton Tablelands, and somewhat further, to only a couple of hours, we entered the plains of the Gulf Savannah (savannah of the Gulf) and the unique Australian Outback.

The city of Cairns

The city of Cairns was established in 1876 to serve as a port for the camps which had been established in the interior to find gold. Today, Cairns, with a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants, is well equipped to cope with the boom that tourism has experienced in the region, with an international airport, the sixth busiest in Australia, only 10 minutes from the city centre. Cairns has all the facilities of a modern city: first class restaurants, art galleries, botanical gardens, a University, a casino, a Convention Center and a variety of accommodation, from hostels for backpackers to 5 star hotels. 

It also has a marina and a dock where the dock a lot of yachts and cruises of great popularity. In total, more than three million tourists visit Cairns each year. The city is always awake, offering more activities than you probably have time try.

The point that turns life in Cairns is the Esplanade (Cairns Esplanade). Until 2003, the beach of the city of Cairns was not more than a great slew and those who wanted to swim in the ocean or soak up the Sun on the Beach had to scroll to the Cairns Northern Beaches, a sets of coastal communities with much charm, located just a few kilometres to the North.

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